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How do I create a flyer template in Word?

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Flyers are made to transmit readers’ knowledge. A successful flyer will capture the attention of a reader by using graphics and word play.

However, too many pictures or words ruin the flyer. Use only the words and pictures you need and put them in a good flyer spot, you’re good to go. How can we create a flyer template in Word?

Before you launch, take a rough look at your flyer, including pictures, words and decorations. Then open a blank page on your Microsoft Word to create a flyer.

The first thing you want to do is choose the orientation of your website. Is the orientation portrait or landscape dependent on your sketch?


Click on the Design tab on the Menu Bar to adjust the orientation from default portrait to landscape. Under Page Setup you will see instructions.

Setting the margins is another thing you can do. This is how close your content is to the sides of the page. Select Margins next to the Orientation button.

You can either choose one of their margins or customize them by clicking on Custom Margins and setting your own margins.

First, type the words or phrases out based on the drawing of your flyer. You may want to change the line spacing settings, which is how much space between the top and the bottom of each paragraph there should be.

create a flyer

The default would be several with a further 10 spaces at the bottom of the paragraph. To adjust it, click on the small arrow at the edge of the box in the Home menu next to the’ Page.’ Choose your choices accordingly and make a flyer on Microsoft Word.

Rather than that, the font style and font size can be changed. You can make changes including font type, size, style and even color in the font box under Home. You should attach pictures other than that.

Click the Insert menu bar and, depending on your flyer, click the photo, clip art, smart art or chart button. Line pictures can also be drawn using shapes. You can also use Word Art to search for fancy words. You built your own flyer with this! Print and sell!

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