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How can I promote my software?

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First of all, what will be the output of our software? The quality / price ratio makes the product good or bad and you have to see what the market offers next to you.

Browse for applications to promote my software with similar capabilities to yours: what is their price? If your cost is higher, raising the price or add more features.

Okay, you have a nice price for your app so how can we market it? First move is to build a prototype that will last a few days or another that will last indefinitely but with minimal features. Many web sites allow you to upload your demo, and many people are downloading it.

promote my software

Shareware is a concept popularized by Bob Wallace in order to find only “shareware” Search, relating to proprietary software shared without any payments on a trial basis and that is somehow limited in terms of length or features.

Depending upon what applications you have created, you can make it possible to provide only some useful functions, while most of them can be seen only in the full version, which allows the test software to stay long on the computers of your potential customers.

Another effective way for software promotion is to make use of affiliate networks in which each affiliate will have any user or customer, thereby promoting your company virally and not ignoring the chance of joining you as an affiliate in your sales page or within your software.

Some networks charge a fee, while other subscriptions are free and only commissions are charged. Anyway, when the product is sold well, more associates can support your app.

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